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Kolibri bandlosser

Kolibri belt trailer The belt trailer has been designed for road transport of bulk agricultural products. The Kolibri belt trailer features a low net weight. This is realised thanks to the self-supporting construction of the belt trailer. The Kolibri belt trailer has an European Type Approval (ETG). The interior and exterior walls of the Kolibri belt trailer are made of a single polyester plate. They have been provided with CFC-free insulation and will not absorb any moisture. Like the Flyweight belt trailer, the Kolibri belt trailer meets the most recent safety requirements, as well as the HACCP and GMP rules and regulations. Because of the self-supporting construction of the belt trailer the own weight of the trailer is low. This ensures that the loading capacity to increase. The own weight is approximately 15% lighter than alternative vehicles. That means a higher loading capacity of 1.000 kg per load. So less transport kilometers to move the same volume.

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