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Optimisation des systèmes de production : NCIS et O.S.S

Optimization of production system : INCS and O.S.S At the time of precision agriculture, TECNOMA goes further... According to sprayer geolocalisation in the field, the electronic I.N.C.S module can switch on/off each nozzel : "one nozzel = one section". No more double application. INCS modules are inter-connected over the boom width via a Can Bus. Each module is supplied by an air delivery line. Our O.S.S technology is a response to the use limitation of nozzles. You obtain a homogeneous application. It allows you to use the nozzles in their recommended pressure range regardless of the speed and the dose to be applied. Each nozzels has a pneumatic anti drip device. Those technologies improve the level of precision, your application is optimal. Those technologies permit a gain product and very agronomic approach : "no more double application, no waste, no environmental pollution". You can optimize the application with a large variation in speeding rate and a large modulation rate. The purpose of TECNOMA : significant reduction of the drift, control of droplet size and the operator security (no more contact with plant protection products). Agronomy is in the heart of application.

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