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Drift reduction ? Syngenta helps you to do it in a easy way...

Drift reduction: Make it work!


Sustainable water use in the AgroFood sector

For over 20 years, VAM WaterTech develops and delivers water solutions for the Agro-Food sector. VAM WaterTech provides innovative solutions for efficient water use, reduced operating costs, increased food safety, improved quality and longer storage times. Our specialty is sustainable re-use of washing water from potatoes, carrots, apples and pears.




Raven RS1

Incredible accuracy and power

Innovation in lubrication technique at PYPE PRODUCTS

400 gr screw pattern & LS grease pump

Amazone presents new terminal Amatron 4

SBU-134 Sorma vertical packing machine

High speed vertical packing of potatoes and onions. Speed, flexible, different packaging

EVO 290, der erste Bunkerroder mit AirSep

AMAZONE UF 2002 - mounted sprayer

FAM Tridis 240P makes Lamb Weston / Meijer pretty Ziggy

Lamb Weston / Meijer uses several FAM Tridis™ 240P’s for the production of its Ziggy Fries: a very crispy chip with a unique form. Lamb Weston / Meijer is a joint venture between Lamb Weston, North America's premier potato company, and Meijer Frozen Food, a Dutch company specialized in frozen potato products. It was established in 1994.

New developments in rotating boxes by VEGNIEK

Vegniek has the VEGNIEK BT301 forward tipping box-rotator in its program. This box-rotator has a unique tipping mechanism without pivots on the side of the box. So it is easy to pick-up boxes which are standing next to each other. Other characteristics are; the high lifting capacity and the smal frontal extension length. Because of this, it is even possible to transport 2 full boxes.

Castrol oil need?

From now on you will find CASTROL specialties at PYPE PRODUCTS!

Steam in a new way with SIMON's Steam'R

Simon is increasing the commercialization of its new range of robots for steam soils disinfection. The constructor relies on the many assets of its Steam'R.

Steenvoorden Machines BV

KRONEN BDS 3000/800 Belt De-watering System - new version

AMAZONE SwingStop – suppresses horizontal boom movement when in difficult operational conditions

AMAZONE UX 01 Super - a new generation sprayers

FAM helps Better Made make better snacks

It was not hard to convince Better Made, an American producer of a variety of potato chip, to switch to the FAM Centris™ product range. A trial was all it took to demonstrate them the quality improvement and level of support. Better Made is a Midwestern producer of a variety of potato chips, potato sticks and popcorn. Located in Detroit, they process 60 million pounds of chip potatoes every year, using Michigan potatoes for ten months of the year. The Better Made product gamma is affordable, and in order to remain affordable, they need the best technology.

PowerCombi: Bis zu 25 % mehr Leistung beim Lagern

Soap for agricultural machinery by PYPE PRODUCTS

For years, trust contractors and farmers on AGRI-NET for effortless cleaning of harvesters.

Sormac B.V. NEN-EN ISO 9001:2015 certified

In January 2018, Sormac B.V. was audited for the NEN-EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management certificate. It is with great pride that we can announce that we have successfully passed this audit and that Sormac is ISO-9001 certified with effect from today!

A new version of KRONEN salads and vegetables spin-dryer is introduced to the market

Large refrigeration sliding doors / walls for potato storage

Welcome to Salco, the specialist in industrial doors Salco B.V. produces a wide range of doors for the industrial, agricultural and refrigeration sectors, tailored exactly to your requirements, in various designs and in any colour. Whatever the industrial door that you are looking for, we offer sustainable, ready-made solutions for virtually any situation.

New MS-30 knife peeler: proven technology with a higher capacity!

Sormac can retain its leading role in the market through continuous innovation with new machines and upgrading and refining existing models. Sormac proudly presents the MS-30 knife peeler – the result of a combination of these core values.

Bye bye mainstream French fry

There’s no such thing as ‘a potato’. And there’s no such thing as ‘a French fry’. Successful cutting depends on many variables. But one of the most important ones, is the cutting equipment you use.

Sustainable optimization of quality, efficiency and cost-effective of spraying liquids with WaterXTR.

The Homburg WaterXTR™ CO2 injection system treats water intended for spraying liquids. On the one hand, WaterXTR™ regulates and optimizes the pH value, on the other hand, the Hydroxynynamic System of WaterXTR™ ensures that the spray liquid is magnetized for even better coverage and adhesion to the crop.

Die Evolution der SE-Serie


Van Meeuwen can offer custom-made solutions if standard anti-foam additives do not meet your requirements. At Van Meeuwen, we focus on cost performance. Creating process improvements for our customers is what drives us. Our family-owned company, which was founded in 1934, entered the process additives market in the 1980’s and has specialized in it ever since.

Xcalibur reaches exceptional results, the new standard in the potato industry!

Xcalibur reaches exceptional results, the new standard in the potato industry! OptiServe exists 15 years...

Neue Generation: der vierreihige Selbstfahrer VARITRON 470 Platinum

New version of WatchITgrow

WatchITgrow, the web application for potato monitoring in Belgium, already introduced a number of extra features earlier this year. As such WatchITgrow aims to contribute to improved crop monitoring, in view of increasing yields in a sustainable way, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Foodgrade lubricants NUTRASTANE by PYPE PRODUCTS

Food safe lubrication of your machinery.

NEW ! Power harrow KUHN HR 3040

The new power harrows HR 3040 are designed to work in combination with pneumatic or mechanical seed drills. They can adapt to any type of tractor up to 300 hp.

Education: Agility on your tractor

KUHN fertiliser spreader AXIS 50.2 with EMC !

KUHN fertiliser spreaders stand for uniform application and highest comfort. The AXIS H-EMC-(W) range as well as the AXIS M-EMC-(W) models offer a unique combination of innovative technologies to meet the expectations of today´s professionals. CDA distribution, ISOBUS options, hydraulic or mechanic spreading disc drives and especially the integration of EMC technology for adjusting the application rate separately and continuously for each disc are the main features. These machines are designed for accurate spreading results for fertiliser, slug pellets or also small seeds without the need of the farmer to get directly involved. He can concentrate on driving.

Pomagro NV - Haspargit®

Haspargit® is the brand name of a unique assortment of fertilisers produced and sold by Pomagro NV consisting of by-products of the sugar, agriculture, and horticulture industries. Haspargit has earned a solid reputation in the field of professional potato cultivation by improving both the quality and yield. All formulations of Haspargit® contain potassium, calcium, and sulphur and can be further enriched with nitrogen, phosphorous, and magnesium, making them suitable for all types of crops and soils. There is also a special product range available for organic cultivation.

AMAZONE Active ContourControl boom guidance


Visit our stand R59 in the Rambla, the hall between hall 5 and 6 at entrance North. Here we present our 6 best lubricants for an optimal processing process in the potato industry. For use at (extremely) low and high temperatures and in (extremely) wet or muddy conditions: • For high and even higher temperatures and for use from very low temperatures • For optimal adhesion and extreme resistance to water, acids and alkalis • For food-safe degreasing and cleaning of applications

NANOTECH CT 50 soap for vehicles with Quartz Wax by PYPE PRODUCTS

Your truck and car easy cleaning with car wash result!
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