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Worldwide exclusivity "Glide" for FAM nv!

OptiServe has agreed on a worldwide exclusivity for the sales of Glide with FAM nv from Belgium. FAM is European market leader for industrial cutting solutions voor de food market.

emptier big bag

Insort presents the NEW SHERLOCK SEPARATOR

The Sherlock Separator with CIT inside will detect all foreign material like glass, wood, metal, plastic etc and combined with our unique “Klappentechnik” Insort is setting a new benchmark for FOOD SAFETY with much more than 99% “Ausschleusesicherheit”. Only Sherlock can scan, classify and sort using "Chemical Imaging Technology" – all this is done in real time! Look and see at Booth 174 - Sherlock Separator will surprise you there

Manter MBP HS

The fast automatic bagplacer from Manter

AXIS.2 fertiliser spreaders – the next generation

RAUCH has significantly enhanced the successful AXIS fertiliser spreader series. With a new, elegant design, increased fertiliser working load, new models equipped with the innovative EMC automatic metering system and the VariSpread section control, the red spreaders AXIS 20.2, 30.2 and 50.2 set new standards regarding cost effectiveness, spreading precision and operating comfort.

Toyota Material Handling presents Smart Dynamics

With Smart Dynamics, Toyota Material Handling presents its ultimate approach to making material handling operations safer and more efficient: Toyota trucks are connected using Toyota’s I_Site technology, creating Smart Trucks, that allow customers to monitor performance of trucks and operators, improving safety and reducing costs.



Think lean power, think Toyota – delivering fuel efficiency and driving performance

Toyota Material Handling continues to invest in lean technologies, by now offering the complete Tonero range with leaner and cleaner engines without compromising on power. Customers have the choice between diesel and LPG engines, with either hydrostatic or torque converter transmissions. All vehicles are equipped with LSPS (load sensing power steering) that delivers increased fuel efficiency and improved driveability

The X40+ and X50+ spreader range: even greater accuracy and convenience

SULKY is developing its X40+ and X50+ mounted spreaders. Two new items of equipment have just enhanced this range of spreaders, making them easier to use and improving performance levels:

NEW : Overhead transfer PomOver Plus




On 26th August we concluded an agreement with ILVO to build an innovative drying machine.

New line gearboxes for Potato Processing Equipment

New electronic weigher machine with 15 hoppers

Big weighing hoppers, high speed, standard connection with more different packing machines

Ag Leader OptRx sensors

Festive change of management at Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions

On Friday 30 September, Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions had at least three causes for celebration. The company had its 25-year anniversary. Alex Verbruggen officially handed over the reins to the next generation – Erik Bruggink, Wouter Verbruggen and Maarten Verbruggen. And last but not least, the building has been renovated.

VDH Concept ltd

VDH Packaging Creations

Key Technology Opens New Innovation and Solutions Center in Hasselt, Belgium

November 27, 2016 – Key Technology strengthens support of European food processors with the opening of their new customer visit center – The Innovation and Solutions Center – in Hasselt, Belgium. This state-of-the-art facility enables processors to participate in equipment demonstrations, application tests and training, both in-person and remotely via a live video interface. It is designed to create a superior customer experience while showcasing Key’s digital sorting, conveying and processing solutions.

Xcalibur proves unique skills at leading European French fries producer

OptiServe is proud to announce that Xcalibur has proven its unique skills at a leading European French fries producer. The sorting results are exceptionally good! That is how OptiServe has definitely changed the norm in the world of sorting!



Sencrop, the most accessible agro weather station

Sencrop provides you with the current and forecasted temperature, humidity, wind speed, and rainfall over your fields—even if they are far away or spread out.

JOSKIN Drakkar Adapted to Potato Harvest

JOSKIN, which is listening to various user groups, developed for the Drakkar a drop side with hydraulic control in order to reduce the fall height of the potatoes as much as possible during their harvest.

A new generation, a new quality standard!

WIFO continue their innovation with a new generation of box rotators.As a result of the more intensive use of box rotators in crop farming and the increased use in the industrial sector, WIFO and their customers have pressed ahead with the development of box rotators. The outcome was an entire new line of box rotators to meet today's market requirements in full.As a consequence, the box rotators have become more durable and meet the highest quality standards.

AGRI – NET cleanser for agricultural machinery of PYPE PRODUCTS

Since many years the best cleanser to clean without brushing harvesters again!


As all farmers know, a good application of the chemicals requires an intervention at the appropriate moment. Sometimes, it is necessary to work in more difficult conditions than usual in order to ensure the best efficiency. Willing to offer the best solutions to its customers in order to ensure an optimal work, EVRARD will present a new function on its range of METEOR trailed sprayers at the PotatoEurope fair.

Roller cleaner

New roller cleaner for the Visser receiving hopper. Product and user friendly. High capacity cleaning. Also for pre-cleaning in front of the agrisep as well, for stand alone machine.

Key Technology Introduces VERYX® Belt-Fed Digital Sorters to Europe

Key Technology introduces its VERYX® belt-fed digital sorters to the European food processing industry at Interpom stand #247. Like the chute-fed VERYX sorters introduced in 2015, the new belt-fed VERYX sorters set new standards of performance.

New foldable power harrows KUHN HR 6040 R / HR 8040 R: increase work output safely!

The new foldable power harrows KUHN HR 6040R and HR 8040 R (respective working widths of 6 and 8m) are primarily aimed at all contractors and large crop farms looking to obtain high productivity and seeking solutions to achieve seedbeds efficiently and safely, independently from the nature of the soils whether for deep or shallow preparations, in spring or autumn, in dry or wet conditions.

New: AXENT 100.1

The precision large area spreader for granulated and floury fertiliser

Electronic stone and clod separator

Separated in a gentle way stones and clods from potatoes onions or other. depending on its size capacity from 10-50 tons an hour. Gentle handling of the crop

New ULMA Sienna Hi-Tech

Lutosa Mini Pom'Churros

Lutosa Mini Pom'Churros: Onion or Spicy

Ag Leader Map View

TopDown - the next generation

TOMRA presents two brand-new sorters, TOMRA 5A and TOMRA 5B, at Interpom

TOMRA Sorting Food will display two new and innovative sorting machines, the TOMRA 5A and the TOMRA 5B, at Interpom-Primeurs 2016, November 27-29. Processors can visit booth 116 at Kortijk Xpo to learn everything about these new sorters.

The FAM Tridis™ 240: Perfect Performance Made Easy

FAM is proud to present the FAM Tridis™ 240 – Bringing capacity, efficiency and quality to a new level. The FAM Tridis 240 marks a new generation of tridimensional dicers designed by FAM to excel in the most crucial performance indicators. The FAM Tridis 240 is designed for the very demanding frozen vegetable & fruit and French fry industry. This dicer increases the maximum capacity known in the industry with at least another 10%, while maintaining an excellent cut quality.

Foodgrade NUTRASTANE lubricants from PYPE PRODUCTS

Power supply safe lubrication of your machinery. The consumer makes high demands on the ready made food on his plate. To offer the optimum nutrition with the user to get his machines necessary, during the harvest on the field to the plate.




Eternit corrugated sheets offer the best protection for your goods


the versatile solution for fast, hygienic and space-efficient sleeving for a wide variety of trays

TOMRA reveals latest food sorting machine at SIAL 2016

TOMRA Sorting Food has unveiled the TOMRA 5B, its new state-of-the-art sorter for the vegetable, fresh cut and potato processing industries, at SIAL 2016 in Paris, October 16-20.

Hydraulic adjustable track width 100 cm variation

Operation and benefits: Two half axles are mounted in parallel on each of the front and rear axles. The hydraulic sliding of these half axles provides a variation of 1 meter between the maximum and minimum position. The width setting is managed by the driver from the cab control box. The minimum track width will be 1.80 m, to the maximum 2.80 m, depending to tires width.

Allrenbo Roofings at Interpom Primeurs 2016 ! Stand 540

Since Allrenbo Group was founded in 1998, we fastly grew to be the professional roofing company it is to date, deploying our teams all over Belgium and our neighbouring countries. Initially, our main activities were renovating buildings, roofing & façade refurbishment. As from 2009 on, Allrenbo focused their expertise on domestic, industrial & commercial roofing, specialising in removing asbestos. We are also active in the solar panel-sector and rental of roll-off dumpsters. Our professional approach and in-house expertise are our greatest strengths. We offer you 18 years of experience in high-quality works and exceptional services at your disposal. Our personal approach combined with waterproof agreements make us a very reliable company. We are highly committed to the confidence of our customers. Our years of experience should give you the reassurance we can find the solution to any kind of related problem. All our projects are carried out with the utmost care ,thát we guarantee! We are very much looking forward to be working with you...

Mooij Agro is providing some fresh air on the Interpom!

Mooij Agro never sits still when it comes to the development of new products and innovations in the field of ventilation technique. Questions from the field ensure that Mooij Agro stays focussed and responds to the arisen needs. For instance the increasing request for larger EC Axial flow fans, for both the potato as well as for the onion storages, lead to the fact that Mooij Agro developed a new and larger EC fan in cooperation with Klima.

HARDI presents a new boom concept - DELTA FORCE, at the SIMA show in Paris February, 2015.

Start of a new boom series The new boom is the start of a brand new series of booms, which fulfils the future farming demands for flexibility in boom widths, high speed performance, narrow transport width and superior robustness. Performance, speed and quality are the key words when talking boom designs. In the developing process of our next boom generation, we have analysed and focused on optimizing these three areas. The result - HARDI DELTA FORCE. With its unique design, we manage to offer large booms able to drive at high speed while maintaining an optimum performance of the boom. At the same time, the DELTA FORCE is only 255 cm wide in transport. Using high quality Swedish Steel, we manage to optimize weight and strength and thereby produce a boom with a perfect setup, low maintenance and great performance.

new Boxfiller

First Cermax Boxfiller type HR 18-80 18m 80cm wide frequency controlled belt drive, remote control, etc. etc.

AgroFood water treatment makes environment, consumer and AGF sector healthier

Dutch water technology of VAM WaterTech lets the AGF sector have: • 95 % savings on process for packaging and process • 100% of AGF purification products: pesticides, germs and bacteria

New! Kramer Ermo plough

Güttler frontpackers und rollers

Ag Leader Precision Farming

Agroselector TWIN ARCUS

Introduction of the new designed Agroselector® TWIN ARCUS® at the Interpom show.

Mylle H, New Caterpillar telehandler + wheel Loader

NEW: MonoFilr, Maximum power, minimum effort

MonoFilr is VHM’s most compact BoxFilr. Pure power that processes 40 - 50 tonnes p/h standalone. The affordable powerhouse offers the typical advantages - minimum drop height, high speed, ease- of-use and extra Big Bag Filler option - for less than half the price.

NANOTECH CT 50 vehicle cleaner with Quartz PYPE's Wax PRODUCTS

Vehicles wash without brushing with a clean body work and specular shine.

TOMRA launches TOMRA 5A for the potato processing industry at Pack Expo 2016

TOMRA Sorting Food has launched the TOMRA 5A at Pack Expo 2016 in Chicago, November 6-9. Processors can visit booth E 7335 (Upper Lakeside Center) to learn more about the brand-new sorting machine and witness it first-hand.

New belgian Upmann dealer



The roller inspection table consists of a transport system with transport rollers provided with a grip profile.

Extensive, innovative dewulf~miedema range at Interpom

The 18th European indoor trade fair for the potato and vegetable sector, Interpom, will be held at the KortrijkXpo (BE) from 27 to 29 November. dewulf~miedema will be a prominent exhibitor, with a very advanced range of potato harvesting machines. Every professional user will find a solution for their specific requirements. Come and discover it all at booth 413 and join us in celebrating Dewulf's 70th anniversary...

Stazak voor diepvriesproducten

New hydraulic extensions on agricultural tipping trailers

Ecxclusively presented in July 2016 at the Fair of Libramont, the new hydraulic extensions on JOSKIN agricultural tipping trailers (Trans-SPACE 7000/125 and 8000/150) will allow an easy loading while easily increasing the transported volume.



9, 10 & 11 DEC. 2016 (9 am to 6 pm)

Vega trailed field sprayer has been launched

The LEMKEN Vega is the first trailed field sprayer developed internally by the Alpen agricultural machinery specialist. Its modern design and innovative technology make it a highly efficient field sprayer that leaves nothing to be desired as far as ease of operation is concerned. The Vega sprayer is available with 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000 litre tanks and SEH boom widths of 15 to 24 metres. Depending on national legislation the Vega can be approved for 60 kmh when it is equipped with a suspended axle.

Recticel Insulation offre plus que des produits d'isolation.

laboratory line

JOSKIN Telecover2 Hydraulic Cover

JOSKIN is already offering various models of covers to be fitted on its agricultural trailers. In order to complete this offer, we add the Telecover2 to the available options.

Alpego ASMax Fertidrill: Double Fronthopper for fertilizer

New type 5-furrow: MSL 175

KOMO-certified ventilation-slat


The unique book "The potato in Belgium, land of fries", a real must for all potato professionnals, is for sale at Interpom Primeurs with a discount of 33 % (€ 19,95 instead of € 29,95) and this as well on the Belgapom booth as at the entrances/exits of Kortrijk XPO.

Ag Leader AgFiniti Mobile app

Acquisition Vogel & Noot by Beyne NV

BEYNE NV, a Belgian manufacturer of agricultural sprayers, has taken over VOGEL & NOOT, an Austrian producer of tillage and seeders, which went bankrupt in August 2016.